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This is absolutely the best sex book written. No theory, no lame "would, should, could" stuff, and no, you won't find the words "possibly" or "maybe" here. This is REAL, this is Do or Die. This is almost overwhelming.

This is a no-kidding, die-hard, from the street, been there - done that publication. No lame doctor "theorizing" about what sex should be like. This is reality. This is Ultimate Sex. This is REAL if you have the desire to actually learn from someone who practices what he/she preaches.

This is tried and true, what really happens, good stuff, you better freakin' believe it
kind of research and hard hitting fact.

No theories, no maybes. WE KNOW this is the best damn sex you can have because we HAVE LIVED IT! Done it,and loved it by God.

Ultimate Sex.



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Is your lover/spouse/partner satisfied? Truly satisfied. Do you know in your heart that they want for nothing sexually?

Are you afraid of the opposite sex because you feel you may be somehow inadequate?

Is your love life boring, dull, repetitive? Stuck in the same old rut?

Is it possible you think you are "not good enough?"

Would you like to enjoy "Honeymoon Sex" again. The kind of sex where you are always ready, willing and eager for the next episode?

Half of all divorce is caused by money or sexual problems. They say that if you have lots of one you don't really have to worry about the other. This book will not make you rich, but it will definitely make you happier. I absolutely guarantee it. Great stuff, here. Just look at some of what you will get when you invest in the future of your sex life.


  • What is the difference between the ultimate act of fellatio and the ultimate technique for fellatio (TOTALLY different)? When you learn this, you can OWN ANY MAN.

  • A mans perception of oral sex vs a womans - so different. How and why. Learn this one ladies and you will be amazed at the results.

  • You will learn the single most important thing you can learn about how to make your man incredibly happy orally

  • How to make a man climax fast when using your mouth. If you complain that your man takes "to long to orgasm," you're just not doing it right.

  • Learn the secrets of the male G-spot and the two different ways to stimulate this area to give your man truly explosive orgasms. Leave him wasted and muttering "omigod, omigod" ("snicker")

  • The common mistake women make when using their hands while performing fellatio. Men hate this

  • The secret "squeeze" that can intensify his orgasm and make it last longer

  • Why do men love ORAL so much?

  • How to "fake" deep throat (it feels wonderful to him, but is so easy for you)

  • The secret dentist technique that will make learning to deep throat so much easier

  • The amazing acupressure point that virtually eliminates the gag reflex. You will be deep throating in no time when you learn this. So easy, but so effective

  • Incredible positions for performing oral sex on a man

  • How your diet can affect the taste of your semen. What to avoid and what to consume.

  • Something you should ALWAYS do when giving your man oral sex
  • The single most important factor when giving oral (Hint: it is NOT deep throat) Find out now how to give or get the best oral sex you have ever had.

  • The single most important factor when giving oral (Hint: it is NOT deep throat) Find out now how to give or get the best oral sex you have ever had 

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    An absolutely wonderful book! 

    I thought I knew everything until I read your book. It opened my eyes to a whole new world and I have only just scratched the surface. 

    My wife and I thank you!

    Eric in Grants Pass,  Oregon


  • What is the single greatest secret to oralizing a woman? 

  • How to make almost ANY woman orgasm 

  • How to make her climax again and again with your mouth, lips and tongue

  • How to use your hand and your mouth at the same time to make her explode as never before.

  • You will learn the single greatest mistake men make when "performing oral" on a woman. What to do instead that will make her addicted to your oral prowess.

  • She tells you she is "too sensitive" to go on, to have another climax . .  Until you do this with your tongue and suddenly she is moaning in pleasure again.

  • What to do AFTER doing oral on her that will make her adore you even more.

  • How to stimulate the fabled G-Spot while giving her oral - Be Careful - She may become your sex slave after this one.

  • How and when to incorporate the anus in your oral ministrations. Do this to her butt at just the right time and hang on, she may turn into a crazy woman

  • Use your mouth and your hand on her in this way (it's probably not what you think)and watch her orgasm like never before

  • Oral positions, both basic and advanced (how to use a couch or chair to give her an oral orgasm like never before)

  • The REAL SECRETS of giving oral sex to a woman, how to be an oral legend (it involves more than just doing the abc's with your tongue!).

    Instant download!

    The most common cause of premature ejaculation is simply that most men have trained themselves through masturbation to orgasm too fast - learn how to re-train yourself to orgasm when YOU want to. It's easy and it's amazing - Your partner will be overcome with your new "power".


  • When you are most likely to experience problems with fast ejaculation and the simple thing you can do to handle the problem, even turn it into a plus!

  • Simple exercises you can do alone or with a partner to easily overcome premature ejaculation and learn how to SATISFY your partner every time.

  • Learn how to leave her exhausted, sweaty and purring like a kitten.

  • Gain complete control of when you orgasm. Learn to last as long as you want.

"Other sex books are kindergarten reading compared to what you have written. When you are finished reading this, you will have a PHD in sexual pleasure. Best damn sex book ever"!! Did I say thank you? Thank You!!

Sean     Salt Lake City


  • Separating the myths from the facts for both men and women.

  • Can a woman experience orgasm from anal sex? In a word . . .

  • The simple but important "mechanics" of anal sex that can mean the difference between miserable and pleasurable.

  • The one thing that must be held sacred when attempting
    anal sex.

  • First time anal sex, how to make it painless and even fun

  • The "stealth" approach to anal sex. Sneaky but effective. How to make her enjoy it before you even get your penis inside her

  • Learn the positions of Maximum Stimulation to make her climax before, during or after penetration

  • G-spot? You betcha! How to stimulate the g-spot through anal sex. 

  • A seduction secret that may make all the difference when you are trying to get into that little sweet hole.

  • What is the most important secret concerning anal sex?

  • What you MUST avoid to be a successful anal lover. Men, if you don't pay attention to this one, the game may be all over before it even begins

  • Women, what you MUST know about anal sex that can change your life. You may deny this, but you need to know it.

  • Why men can crave anal sex even if they won't admit it.

  • Lubrication; An in depth look at what to use and what to avoid.

  • Advanced anal sex techniques for couples who like adventure and wish to go beyond the "norm"
  • Taking the taboo of anal sex one step further for incredible adventure

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Anal sex need not be difficult or painful. It can be an incredible addition to your lovemaking when done properly.  Learn the techniques to fully enjoy this experience whether you are novice or have been in a relationship for 20 years. When done properly, it can be an amazing adventure for both of you.



  • The amino acid that is in many "natural viagra" formulas is arginine. Combine it with this other amino acid and your results will be much greater than just taking arginine alone. In fact, if you don't include this, don't even bother with arginine at all

  • Where to purchase this hard to find nutrient, how much to take and what to expect.

  • Is your partner a little tense or nervous before sex? A glass of champagne might be just the trick. Or, you could try this nutrient. Guaranteed to calm down a skittish lover.

  • Do you know men can have trouble reaching orgasm? Want to increase sensation and improve your orgasm? Take this valuable nutrient and the difference may just amaze and thrill you. Surprise, it works wonders for women as well. One more surprise, it's completely safe!

  • A nutrient to help with premature ejaculation? Yep! This safe supplement may just take you to an entirely new level in your lovemaking abilities.

  • Learn what you can take to actually increase desire. This doesn't work on your sexual organs, this actually works on the brain to increase desire

  • The most powerful, natural testosterone producing supplement you can take also increases both the volume and force of your ejaculation

  • Change your sex life for the better by getting these incredible Sex Secrets NOW!

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A nutrient even more effective than Viagraź or testosterone for treating erectile dysfunction and it is completely safe! It will cost about a dollar a day to take (we tell you where to get it and how much is effective) and you will be amazed at the results! You will be ready to perform anytime, no need to "schedule" your sex, make love whenever you want.

You also do not have to suffer from ED to benefit from this amazing nutrient, if you are just not as hard or as spontaneous as you used to be, this can be of enormous benefit.

It is not: Arginine, or horny goat weed or muira puma or damiana or maca or DHEA or any of the herbs or products currently touted as erection enhancers. This product is amazing and can be purchased in virtually any health food store. I even saw it at Wal-Mart! I was so impressed that this nutrient is now a part of my daily regimen.

If you want stronger, spontaneous erections, if you want to have the sexual capabilities and drive you once experienced, you need to know about this.

WARNING:  I almost hate to say this, but if necessary, check with your doctor to be sure that you can handle frequent and spontaneous sex.

No, this will not give you erections that may last for four hours or more -  but the next chapter in this book could make that possible if you really want it (not advised).



  • FACT:
    You CAN enlarge your penis

  • FACT:
    If you believe the ads that say you can grow inches (from 2" to 5") in just a few weeks, you should just mail me your paychecks for the next year or so and save yourself a lot of embarrassment


    The good, the bad, and the ugly

    There might actually be something beneficial about certain nutrients

    Just rub here and watch it grow?

    The ancient "art" of penile massage for growth

    It can work, but . . .

    Yes, it works. you can possibly get a larger penis from surgery. But at what cost?


  • Make your penis harder and stronger

  • Achieve erections easily

  • Maintain your erections as long as you wish

  • Stay harder longer

  • Learn the secret to more powerful orgasms, how to orgasm harder and more forcefully than ever

  • Increase the force of your ejaculation

  • Develop more control over your penis

  • Learn to flex and throb and make your partner feel the difference
  • Exercises to make you a love making machine

  • Learn to develop your sexual stamina

  • Build a "pile driving" rear end

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    Amazing, Incredible, Ultimate Sex



  • The G-Spot, where it is and how to find it.

  • What to do with it to give her absolutely incredible orgasms after you find it

  • The easiest yet incredibly mind blowing method of stimulating the G-Spot for "Wow" factor climaxes

  • Oral sex and the G-Spot - She has never felt this good before

  • Learn the secret of the "Three Finger Method" to make her climax from over stimulation

  • If you only learn to stimulate the G-Spot vaginally, you are missing half the fun.

  • How to stimulate the G-Spot anally (yes anally) for mind bending orgasms

  • How to actually stimulate the G-Spot three ways AT ONCE. (Be careful with this one, it tends to spoil the recipient)

  • Use the above method to make her climax again and again until she begs you to quit

  • The G-Spot and female ejaculation, what you need to know

  • The O-Spot? What the hell is the O-Spot?
    It's even better than the G-Spot (the O stands for "Oh my God")

  • Learn all the secrets of the O-Spot, where it is, how to stimulate it and "Oh my God" what it can do

  • The male G-Spot. Use it and make your man float and rise like never before.

  • Learn the secrets of the G-spot and more and change your sex life for the better! 

Be Warned. This is not your average sexual fun book. This book was written by a man obsessed with sex and the decades long search for the best orgasm possible. For both himself and his partner.  The information in this book is guaranteed to be amazing. Fully guaranteed for 60 days. If  you are not completely wowed and amazed by the contents of this book, just let me know and I will cheerfully, with no hassle whatsoever, refund your money and even let you keep the book. Just promise you won't share it with anyone else.  Fair enough?



  • What is the single most important thing you can do when taking a man's penis into your hand?

  • Learn the one thing most women simply don't do with their hands that men really love and want.

  • How to give a "MANUAL" without lube.

  • What is the best lubricant for manual sex?

  • The secret squeeze. Do this and watch your man suddenly develop a new fondness for manual sex.

  • You've got one hand wrapped around his penis. Do this with the other hand and watch out for fireworks (no, it's not just grabbing his testicles)!

  • The Pump-up grip. Use this to "pump him up!"

  • What he really means when he says he wants it harder or faster. Exploit this difference between men and women to keep a man happy.

  • Never do this to a man or you will completely desensitize his penis and he may never orgasm.

  • How to handle and treat the testicles for maximum enjoyment.

  • Use this on your man if he doesn't get completely hard.

  • There is something you probably have in your kitchen right now that you can use on your man to give him a memorable manual event. (hint; It's something you would normally eat . . . Okay, so this may turn into more than manual sex).

  • Jello as a sex aid? You won't believe what you can do with this!

  • Take manual sex to an entirely new level with some of these toys and aids

  • Take "boring" manual sex to an entirely new level and make it fun again!

    "Oh My God!
     Oh My God!

    As a bisexual woman, I thought this would be another "male oriented" book about the same old stuff.

    WAS I EVER WRONG.  If you really want great sex you have to read this book, you just have to. "

    Nancy         Colorado


  • How to please and tease a woman with your fingers and hands

  • How to get her to teach you what she likes. This can be really fun

  • Secrets of the clitoris, how to find it, arouse it, and maximally stimulate it.

  • Learn the secrets of "Genital Etiquette" and how to take advantage of it

  • Getting "verbal" for great manual sex, amazing but true
  • Lubrication and the clitoris, what you need to know.

  • Just rub the clit right? Wrong, wrong, wrong. There is DEFINITELY a method to this wonderful madness.

  • Beyond the clitoris. Where else to go and what else to do.

  • The hand, the clitoris and the anus. How to make them work for you.

  • Learn the secrets of where and how to use your hands to rock her boat and make her orgasm again and again.        Click Here to Order Now!

    For The Most Incredible Sex, The Best Sex Ever

    Boredom - One of the great reasons for sexual disharmony and discord. More and more men and women both are cheating on their spouses/partners.

    In the age of herpes and AID's this is potentially life threatening behavior. Cheating is a stupid thing to do if you are just bored. Don't put your life or a loved one's on the line when the solution is just a few minutes away.

    No matter what your relationship, how long you have been together, you can revive that old fire faster and easier than you may have thought. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Give Ultimate Sex a try and see for yourself how incredible sex can be again.


  • Learn the secrets of the whole body kiss (No, you don't kiss the whole body, at least not yet)

  • Where to put your hands when kissing. This can be incredibly important.

  • How to find out what women want in a kiss

  • Learn how to make her toes curl with just a kiss. Well, not JUST a kiss . . . Wham! THIS kiss!

  • Just how long should that kiss last?

  • Make her/him want to kiss you.

  • What is the sure fire indicator that she now wants more than just a kiss?

  • Kiss her like this and she will wonder about you all day, turn your lips into pure seduction! 

    "No matter your age or experience, you haven't truly sexually pleased yourself or a partner, until you try the expert techniques as explained in detailed and easily understood language in Ultimate Sex Secrets."

    A W N     Boston


  • Learn the basics of pubic shaving, how to do it the first time, what to use and what is important as well as what's not. Do it right and it's smooth and painless, do it wrong, and . . . well, ouch.

  • The first "trim" before shaving. Do it right, do it right.

  • For the smoothest shave should you use shaving creme or gel?
    NEITHER! Use this instead, it's already in most bathrooms and it is MUCH smoother and safer than any shaving product that comes in a can!

  • How soon can I have sex? What about clothing? How often should I shave? Why the hell am I doing this?

  • Women are smooth, men are not. What men need to know before shaving or trimming "down there!"

  • Men MUST have an electric trimmer. We recommend three, depending on needs and budget.

  • If you MUST shave, then you MUST do this. Really.

  • Depilatories? (Chemical hair removers to you heathens). Not recommended. Can burn like hell. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS test before use.

  • Waxing, sugaring (we even include a recipe to make your own), electrolysis and laser treatments. What works and what doesn't, the pros and cons of each.

  • Learn the joys and hazards of being a hairless (or at least  well trimmed) wonder.

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    "This book is really amazing! If you could give classes to men, teaching what is in this book, I would demand every man attend if they wanted anything to do with me in bed at all.

    I will show this book to my current lover. If he reads it and practices what you teach I foresee great things. If he doesn't, then he leaves. Thanks for a book I hope to reap great rewards from."

    Just sign me  "Chicago Gal"


  • For those times when your partner isn't available, there is Evvy (as in FV, the acronym for Fake Vagina). We tell you how to make one (complete with illustrations) for just a few dollars and we promise you WILL BE AMAZED at the way this thing feels! Who knew being alone could feel this good!

  • How about a device that feels as good to men as a vibrator does to a woman? WARNING: You must be careful with this device, it can be addicting and if misused, dangerous.

  • Solo sex with a what? You are not going to believe that one of these can bring you to orgasm, but just wait until you try it! Hint; This may just change your taste in music.

  • Nothing can replace a woman, but . . . this is the next best thing!

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"I thought I knew a lot. After reading this, I learned that there were things I didn't know. With my new found knowledge I'm confident that I could please ANY man."

C F  (Female)  Albuquerque NM


  • The ABC's of the female genitalia. You have to learn the turf before you start exploring. "Know your genitals 101"
  • Your mental state can be as important or even more so than the physical state when practicing solo sex. How to "tune" your mind for sex by yourself

  • The most popular place/method for women to masturbate to orgasm and why.

  • It's as good as a vibrator (and you probably already have it)

  • Everything you ever wanted to know about vibrators but were afraid to ask!

  • Where to buy these buzzing wonders.

  • Using the vibrator for mutual sex. Fun!

  • The two items you MUST HAVE for your sexual arsenal and how to make your man comfortable with them. Some insecure men can feel quite threatened by the lowly vibrator.

  • The dildo: From silicon to strap ons to anal plugs. What you need to know.

  •  Is a dildo really necessary? Your G-Spot may scream yes!

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    This is an electronic EBook in PDF format - You will need one of the following to enjoy Ultimate Sex Secrets;


  • Do NOT make this mistake when practicing these techniques. It can leave you impotent. Not important, impotent. As in limp as a wet noodle. Be careful, no shortcuts.

  • Master this technique to achieve:
    Larger erections 
    Firmer erections
    More intense orgasms
    Forceful ejaculations
    Much greater control over your orgasm (and your partners)

  • The refractory period. The be-all end-all for male multiple  orgasm.

  • Deep breathing for orgasm control, it's easy!

  • How to alter your "focus" for better control and better orgasms.

  • Do this simple exercise while sitting at your desk (do NOT do it while driving however) for better erections and orgasms.

  • Do NOT however practice this while receiving oral sex. Very few women are patient enough to keep bobbing in your lap while you orgasm over and over, (at least get her permission first).

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  • Learn the one exercise that can lead to the greatest sex you have ever experienced.

  • You may have heard about the PBC or PBG muscle? You are about to learn how to use this to "make your penis rock!"

  • Exercises to make your penis the ultimate . . . well, penis.

  • Orgasm and ejaculation are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. You can have orgasm (after orgasm) without ejaculation. It just takes a little practice. Like this.

  • Alone or with a partner, practice exercises that are fun and good for you too!

  • Go ahead, embarrass yourself. Climax with her again and again. She'll love you for it. Nothing makes a woman feel better than when they think they are sexy enough to inspire you to "new heights"

  • It's not selfish and it's not just for woman anymore. Now you can have one orgasm after another.

    Sexual Secrets for Ultimate Sex

    SEX IS FUN!  

    No matter your age, no matter your experience. It doesn't matter if you have trouble achieving erections or if you no longer think you have much desire.

    When you get done with this book you will be amazed and overwhelmed at the potential you will find you possess.

    If you are 18, you will become a master of sexuality. If you are 58 you will become capable of actions and reaction like you thought you had long left behind you.

    No matter your age, experience, size, shape or attitude. When you finish this book, you will have a new outlook on your own and your partner's sexuality. And you will truly be amazed. Remember I guarantee it.

    Ultimate Sex Secrets is Fully Guaranteed!


  • It's not just about the clitoris anymore. What is a vaginal orgasm? It sounds almost too good to be true, but trust me, it's not only real, it will probably become your favorite sexual delight.

  • Some women describe this as an almost "mystical climax," or "wave upon wave of pleasure" and it can be learned alone or with a partner for what will probably be the most incredible sex either of you have ever experienced.

  • What's in it for the man? He will now be able to enjoy his ladies orgasm with less effort and in much less time. His greatest problem is going to be that she is coming so hard and so much that he may not be able to control himself! That's a GOOD problem to have!

  • Vaginal orgasm is practically a guarantee of multiple orgasms. Actually, multiple orgasm may be considered sort of tame after you master this technique
  • Woman can now take responsibility for their own orgasms during intercourse. This can be a great freedom for both the woman and her partner! Imagine a virtually  guaranteed orgasmic experience during intercourse!

    I considered myself quite a (stud) before I read this book. I went from being a "good" lover to an entirely new level.

    This book is the best thing to ever happen to sex. I used the "remote control" method with a lover recently and made her orgasm for the first time. That alone was worth the price of this book. She was so excited she offered to try the Deep Throat Made Easy trick. Thank your for THAT one!

    You are my new guru.

    Hank    Scottsdale AZ


  • If you are going to get adventurous, you need to be in reasonable shape. Try these quick and easy exercises for better sex

  • What is the one position virtually guaranteed to provide orgasm for the woman during intercourse? Prior to learning this, only 23% of the women reported achieving orgasm during intercourse on a regular basis. After learning this position, that figure jumped to 77%! 

  • Among 86 participants of the recent study, 90% of all subjects said that this position intensified their orgasms (men and women BOTH)... and 60% said that it increased their desire for more frequent sex. Those are good numbers. Damn good numbers, aren't they?

  • Does she have bad knees? Woman on top hurts? Try this variant and you won't have to worry about knees anymore, just enjoy the view! 

  • We assume you know the basics, this chapter focuses on more advanced techniques no matter what your body size, we have something for everyone!

  • The joys of props like hammocks, swings and even lawn furniture. This may not be what you think.

  • Positions and methods for public sex, including airplanes, parks, cars and even motorcycles (really?) etc.

  • Ever want to have sex in an elevator? We show you how. In the movies they just push a button and the elevator stops. Doesn't work in real life without setting off alarms. We show you the alternative that is even more fun and

  • Special bonus! You get every position from the worlds most famous book of sex, The Kama Sutra as well as The Perfumed Garden. Lots of great positions!

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This chapter is a freaking gold mine! WORTH MORE THAN THE ENTIRE BOOK ALL ON IT'S OWN. Here is a sample of what you will get.

  • What are the scents that can turn your partner on?

  • How to make them think of you, even when you are out of the state or country.

  • Some amazing positions for that "something extra"

  • Can you turn her on by reading? Or with music? You absolutely can!

  • Sexual wimps offer back rubs. Ultimate seducers rub here instead and watch the AMAZING difference. Be careful and don't abuse this one.
  • What is the incredible sex prop you can buy at almost any department store?

  • The "Remote Control" secret that can lead to the best sex of your life!

  • What are the secrets of the 10 sexual activities preferred by hetero women? By hetero men?

  • This secret is solid gold. The simple pressure point that can stop the gag reflex completely! This is the quick and easy road to deep throat!

  • The secret of the true "hummer" to produce a wrenching orgasm

  • Stimulate G-Spot from the outside? While you are penetrating her? Oh yeah!

  • The true secrets of handling and loving the female breast. Most women aren't even aware that they like this so much.

  • What makes men hornier than anything else? No, it's not porn or even lingerie. Take advantage of this ladies and you can "own" him.

  • Here's something that men respond to that is just a little dangerous. But men get harder and more aroused when this happens.

  • The incredible art of the sexual tease and how to exploit this phenomenon

  • The easy (did I mention fun?) secret to a healthy penis.

  • Stairway sex. A simple how to.

  • Enough about the G-Spot, We'll tell you about "The Zone" and how to make it work for you.

  • Simultaneous orgasm? How to orgasm with your partner. Having an orgasm at the same time as your lover can be amazing. Really.

  • Water sex. What you MUST know about having sex in the pool, hot tub or even in the bathtub.

  • Do this in the morning to make your partner think about sex with you all day. Make 'em nuts (for you)!

  • Try this variation on a theme for 69, it just might become your favorite!

  • You do NOT want to be a wimp in bed - What to do to make her think you are THE MAN!

  • Women, do this simple thing to his penis next time and listen to the moans of pleasure. It may surprise you!

  • Leave her nipples alone! Try this instead to take her to a new level in breast stimulation.

  • How to use evolution to keep your man happy and interested in YOU! That's right, take advantage of Darwin!

  • What is the secret of the Arabian "Milking Women" that can make men crazy for you?

  • How to have fluid free sex during menstruation. Do this and he will never know you are having your period.

  • What is the most important thing you can do to stay sexually healthy and active?

  • Oral sex and odor. How to not only make it controllable,  but fun!

  • How to take breast stimulation to a new level.

  • Use this position to make her think you are bigger. Max penetration.

  • Use this secret to restore passion when lovemaking becomes drab or predictable. Yowza!

  • If you've ever had sex on a washing machine, you've probably been doing it wrong! Try doing it this way for even more fun!

  • Try this simple test to see how she will respond to bondage. Then learn to take it to the next level and surprise both of you!

  • Ever get cramps in your legs while you're pounding away? NOT GOOD! Do this one simple thing and leg cramps are HISTORY! Go ahead, get on your knees and do it doggie style, you won't be the one cramping up this time!

  • The biggest complaint women have about men kissing and what to do about it.

  • Women reveal the "Seven Seductions." Learn, in their own words, the seven most successful methods you can use to seduce them.

  • How to turn the bedroom into the "seduction room."

  • Revealed: The quick guide to full body massage. Secret Love Signals. How to "read" her to know whether she is interested or not.

  • How to spice it up in the sack. Some very cool things you can do to raise the eroticism to a new level. Wheee.

    What is the best sex of your life worth to you, $1000.00, $200.00? $100.00? The price of a good dinner?  This is your lucky day friend, you get all of this for the price of a decent bottle of wine. You and your partner are worth a LOT more than that.


Two very cool bonuses are included - Secrets of Mystical Sex (this is NOT tantric, it is better. It is literally indescribable). WARNING - Do not use this lightly or casually. This is something to be experienced only with someone you REALLY care for. Do NOT abuse this information.

Secrets of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) or "waking hypnosis" to get what you want from your lover and vastly improve your sex life. This too is potentially dangerous information and we must warn you to use this with care and consideration.  Please use the power of this incredible information wisely and responsibly.

Warning: Honesty Alert:

I am not going to insult your intelligence by telling you that if you order "today only" I'll give you a bunch of bonuses. Nor am I going to BS you and tell you that "this price is only good until Midnight (insert date here)." Right. 

Get real.

No pressure here. No gimmicks needed. The book will still be here tomorrow and it will probably (no guarantees, you take your chances) still be only 29 bucks. The bonuses are already included in the book. Hell, most of these chapters should sell on their own for what you will pay for this entire book!

You're on the Internet. Look around. There are books everywhere that sell just one single topic or chapter for as much as you get this entire  book for. It is easily worth hundreds of dollars

But you get an incredible bargain and you are just 7 minutes away from taking your sex life to an entirely new realm!. For the guaranteed best sexual experiences of your life, you (and your partner) are going to be thrilled and delighted with your $29 investment. Remember, you have my word or your money will be refunded immediately and with a smile. Try it for 60 days. If you don't agree that it is the best damn sex book yet, just let me know and you get your money back. That simple. That good.

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